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The Man Behind The Curtain
June 5-July18, 2009

Seth Lower, Société Réaliste, and Goldin + Senneby with Kate Cooper (filmmaker), K.D. (fictional author),
Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer), Richard John Jones (filmmaker)

17 Reasons Why: Visual/ Cultural Criticism Residency
April 24-May 30, 2009

MISSION 17's 2009 Visual/Cultural Criticism Resident David Buuck and BARGE


imPOSSIBLE!: 8 Artists Engage Absurdity
February 13-April 18, 2009

An exhibition presented by MISSION 17, The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, and artist Michael Zheng.  With works by Lu Chunsheng, Xing Danwen, Ni Haifeng, Zhu Jia, Shi Yong, Xu Zhen, Michael Zheng, and Yang Zhenzhong

Cantocore: Free On Board
February 13-April 18, 2009


Dream On! The 5th Annual Juried Exhibition
December 5-January 31, 2009

Depleted Selves
October 17-November 22, 2008

A Photographic Project by Cheryl Meeker

Cut Into Chaos
September 4-October 11, 2008

A Group Exhibition with works by Nicholas Bohac, Richard Houghton, Mary Anne Kluth, Casey Shane Logan and Gareth Spor

The Land Of A Million Cereals
June 6-August 2, 2008

A Mixed-Media Installation by Ryan Alexiev

Jonestown Had A Garden
April 18- May 23, 2008

A Taxonomical Installation
by Karin Smith, Recipient of MISSION 17's 2008 Residency in Visual / Cultural Criticism

Amidst the Ruins
March 14- April 12, 2008

New Works by Val Britton, Michael Damm, and Zachary Royer Scholz

Danger Girl
February 1st - March 8, 2008

Paintings by Eileen Starr Moderbacher                                                                        back to the top


December 14th, 2007 - January 26th, 2008
MISSION 17's Fourth Annual Juried Exhibition including work by: Chris Dorosz, Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert, Joshua Short, Marco Flavio Marinucci, Ricardo Anibal, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira, Seth Lower, G. Cole Allee, Carrie Hott, David Yun, Eric Larson, Caetlynn J. Booth, Renee Gertler, Laura Boles Faw, Marshall Marice, Phillip Hua, Samantha Lautman,Niki Shapiro, Kathryn Kenworth, Dana Hemenway, Kathryn Dunlevie, Gordon Winiemko

October 19th - December 1st, 2007

Video and Sound Installations
David Kwan

Above Under Glass
September 8th - October 6th, 2007

Installation and Video
Gigi Janchang

Evolution of Atrophy
July 20th - August 18th, 2007
Sculpture and mixed media by:
Juliette Oken,Taylor Tschider, Bernie Sale, Trisha Gum, Lauren Schuppe, and KC Skinner
Curated by:
Leia Casey, Gilpin Matthews, Audrey Penven, and Megan Semple

The Party's Over
June 8th - July 14th, 2007

Installations and Photography by
Joey Enos & Craig Doty
Curated by Elaine Santos

Blabbable Doodads
April 27th - June 2nd, 2007

Animation and Installations by
Miriam Dym & Eunjung Hwang
Curated by Mayumi Hamanaka & Taro Hattori (Studio Islander)

Imaginary Souvenirs
March 16th - April 21st, 2007

Video Installations by Scott Kildall
Curated by Jill Manthei

February 2nd - March 10th, 2007

Work by:
Andy Vogt, Krishna Khalsa, Scott Oliver

Curated by: Emily Sevier

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December 1st, 2006 - January 7th, 2007

MISSION 17's Third Annual Juried Exhibition including work by:
Victor Barbieri, Deer Fang, Peter Foucault, Justin Hoover and Patricia Maloney, Jesse Houlding, Bradley Hyppa, Eileen Starr Moderbacher, Moshe Quinn, Kathrine Worel, Edmund Wyss, and Paul Zografakis

Juried by:
Clark Buckner, Cheryl Meeker,Elaine Santos and Michael Zheng

October 13th - November 18th, 2006
Amateur Internet Video
Curated by Clark Buckner

September 8th - October 7th, 2006
Anna Maltz and Haden Nicholl

Wouldn't It Be Nice
Group show including work by:
Marin Camille, Michael Cox, Ilana Crispi, Joey Enos, Nicki Ishmael, Katie Kawaoka, Nathan Levine, and Josh Luke

Co-curated by:
Katie Frazier, Nicki Ishmael, Elaine Santos, and Jesse Whittle-Utter

As the Butterfly Said To Chuang Tzu
May 26th - June 8th, 2006
Experiments in Perception
by Michael Zheng

Mark V. Mark
April 21st - May 20th, 2006
Video and Photography
by Mark Lee Morris

As Is
March 3rd - March 31st, 2006
Video and Collections by Katherine McInnis

with contributions from:
Craig Baldwin, Bill Daniel, Jeanne C. Finley, Amy Harrison, Douglas Katelus, Jessica Lanyadoo, Rachel Manera, Stephen Parr, Kal Spelletich

January 20th - February 18th, 2006

A curatorial experiment including work by:
Eliza Barrios, Chris Cobb, Cathy Davis, Paz de la Calzada, Rebecca Millsop, Packard Jennings, Michael Romano, Jenifer Wofford, and Virginia White

Curated by: Emily Sevier

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Truth and Lies
December 2005 - January 2006

Mission 17 's second annual juried exhibition, with work by:
Victor Barbieri, Charles Beronio, Matthew Boyko, Elizabeth Chiles, Mark Dukes, Kathryn Dunlevie, Linda Ford and Pam Martin, Lori Gordon, Dustin Fosnot, Theresa Gooby, Sarah Lockhart and Gordon Winiemko, Vanessa Marsh, Eileen Moderbacher, Chad Moore, Susan O’Malley, Joshua Pieper, Ben Riesman, Lisa Ricci, Liz Rossof, Chris Thorson, Michael Trigilio, and Jake Watling

Juried by:
Clark Buckner, Bob Callaway, Jason Mortara, and Julia Page

E Pluribus Unam
October 21st - November 25th, 2005

A social research project and installation
by Jonathon Tellier

Irreconcilable Differences
September 9th - October 15th, 2005
New work by Leonardogillesfleur

July 22nd - August 22nd, 2005

Installations, sculpture, and photography
by Monica Canilao, Jay Nelson, Ahndraya Parlato, and Gabrielle Wolodarski

Curated by: Libby Werbel

The Diorama Show
June 24th - July 16th, 2005
A big show of small work by over forty artists

Curated by:
Libby Werbel

Places, Sounds, Words
May 27th - June 18th, 2005
Sound Art and Photography by Sirpa Jokinen

South Side
April 8th - May 14th, 2005
Sculpture, Video, and Photography by Tracey Snelling

We All Must Play Our Parts
February 25th - April 2nd, 2005
Video and Installation by Julia Page

Together We Can Prevent Earthquakes
January 20th - February 19th, 2005
An Installation with Wall Drawings by Tucker Nichols

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By Any Means UnNecessary
December 16th - January 15th
Mission 17's First Annual Juried Exhibition

Including works by:
Stephen Anderson, Sonya Blesofsky, Nancy Mizuno Elliot, Lora Finelli, Yael Friedman, Dan Grayber, ,Hannah Hammond-Hagman, Monica Johnson, David Kasdorf, Ellen Lake, Kristina Noelle Lewis, Julia Petho, Job Piston, Shawn Smith, Jill Sylvia, and Michael Trigilio

Juried by:
Clark Buckner, Kym Koym, Taro Hatori, Mayumi Hamanaka, and Jennifer Rosenberg

First Artist on Mars
November 5th - December 4th
Installation, Video, Painting, and Photography by Jason Mortara

Going Home Again
October 8th - October 30th

Installation, Video, Photography, Collection by Elizabeth DiGiovanni
Painting, Video, Photocollage by Monica Johnson

Happy Pack
September 11th - October 2nd

Studio Islander: Mayumi Hamanaka and Taro Hattori
installation, sculpture, and photography

May 22nd - June 20th

Amy Hibbs - installation and sculpture
Chiei Ishida - installation

Budget Gallery All-Stars
April 23rd - May 15th

Cynthia Yardley - photocollage
Adam Connelly - painting
Steve Lambert - drawing
Jetro Martinez - printmaking
Tucker Nichols - window drawing
Annie Vought - painting

Concrete Particularities
February 6th - March 5th

Alice Cattaneo - video and installation
Maria Forde - drawings

Other Selves
December 12th - January 18th

Kimberlee Koym - video installation
Amie Potsic - photography
Jennifer Rosenberg - photography

Recent Paintings
November 14th - December 8th

Paintings by Chris Dorosz

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